As we progress further into 2021, there is a sense of optimism and excitement as the potential for a return to normality emerges. For the past 12 months, makeup consumers have been restricted in expressing their individuality due to stay at home orders and the mandatory wearing of face masks.   

Now, as the prospect of returning to normal life is edging closer, consumers have a profound sense of excitement to try new makeup and test out the emerging trends. This spark in demand provides brands with a significant opportunity to harness a growing momentum and tap into the latest trends. 

The indeterminate lockdowns of the last 12 months have pushed consumers to focus their attention to their overall health and well-being. The added time at home has enabled consumers to hone their makeup skills, build confidence and dare to try bolder and more challenging looks.  

Here at Cornelius Group, we focus on analysing these new emerging consumer trends to see which makeup and personal care products are expected to become popular throughout 2021. So, stay ahead of the curve with our top five makeup trends for 2021:  

Dewy Complexion   

A clean, fresh and dewy complexion is a continuation of the ‘less is more’ movement that was prevalent in 2020. This ‘beauty from within’ look is reinforced through good skin as consumers want to present hydrated skin that looks fabulous from any angle. 

Algophagyl®, from Silab, supports skincare products to reload with energy, preserve equilibrium and support the mitochondrion. It results in a radiant and luminous complexion, which is key to this trend.   

Lip Stains  

Since consumers have had to wear face masks to halt the spread of Covid-19, the industry saw a decline in lip makeup sales throughout 2020. However, there is now a clear opportunity for these to revive as the vaccine rollout progresses. We see an emerging trend for long-wear lip stains in berry shades that highlight natural texture and offer consumers a smudge-free product.  

Lip formulations using organic ingredients continue to resonate with consumers too. The Cellini® effect pigment range from Colors & Effects, are FDA-approved organic compounds that offer intense pigmentation. The unique composition of Cellini makes production more straightforward, as the organic pigment can help avoid the difficult task of grinding, deagglomerating and dispersing stand-alone colourants. The wetting agent in Cellini enables manufacturers to eliminate process steps needed to create hydrophobic surfaces, reducing colourant bleed in aqueous systems. This agent can also improve wet/dry applications, making Cellini especially useful in anhydrous applications.  

Glossy Eyelids  

Eyes were very much a focal point for makeup trends in 2020 and the desire for new eye looks is yet to slow down. Across social media, the catwalks and editorial, we have seen the growth of glossy eyeshadows that tap into both impactful and more natural makeup trends. A lustrous sheen is a different and new look for eyes which are usually confined to matte and metallic finishes. The glazed surface gives the eyes a rested and natural glow and the opportunity to provide a dramatic colour pop using fun and exciting shades.  

However, this trend is a tricky one to achieve. Many attempting the look struggle with the gloss shifting and creasing on the eyelid throughout the day. PELEMOL® D-2000, from Phoenix Chemical, makes an ideal choice for eye gloss formulations as it helps the gloss stay in place and hold its shine. PELEMOL® D-2000 is a clear viscous, extremely substantive, hydrophobic, pourable liquid. 

Purple Colour Story   

Purple has been growing in popularity ever since Pantone named Ultraviolet (PANTONE 18-3838) as the colour of the year in 2018. Shades of violet, lavender and amethyst have trickled down through interiors and fashions to find themselves emerging as the eyeshade of choice for 2021. Varying shades of purple can easily update a smoky eye look, adding a burst of colour. Applying darker purple shadow to the lid and then blending shimmery lavender shades along the lash lines and inner corners creates a refreshing twist on a classic eye look.  

Colors & Effects’ Flamenco® Summit Indigo is a unique and intense violet pigment based on a natural mica substrate. The dazzling shade delivers exceptional chroma and depth, adding rich effects to cosmetic applications.  

Glowing Eyes   

The stresses and strains of the past 12 months have taken their toll on consumers. One of the first areas on the face to show signs of this is around the eyes, so it comes as no surprise that many are looking at ways to uplift this feature by creating a simple wide-eyed and awake look. We are seeing consumers opting for clean, flesh-coloured shades and emphasising the inner corner and tear duct with a shimmering highlight to create a minimalist and fresh look. However, for this trend to gain traction, the skin beneath the makeup needs to be healthy and blemish-free. 

The skin around the eye is delicate and prone to losing moisture quickly, developing puffiness and a tired appearance. Skincare products containing Actiflow®, an active rich in oligosaccharides purified from yeast, remodel the capillary network. It does this by stimulating the neovascularisation and increasing resistance, targeting dark circles and eye puffiness. 

Here at Cornelius, we enable personal care product formulators and brand owners to develop solutions that satisfy emerging consumer trends. Our product portfolio enables businesses to address worldwide consumer fashions with innovative ingredients. 

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