Skin Care

Product nameSupplierDescription
1,2 Propylene Glycol CareBASFPropylene Glycol, for use as a solubiliser in cosmetic formulations.Read more
Actiflow ELSilabRich in oligosaccharides purified from yeast, Actiflow remodels the capillary network by stimulating the neovascularization and increasing the capillary resistance. Actiflow is thus recommended in all skin care draining products and particularly for an anti-dark circle effect in eye contour.Read more
Activated CharcoalSurface activated charcoal (or carbon) suitable for a wide range of personal care formulations - skin, hair, oral & wash.Read more
Adandrine® SSilabA natural anti-dandruff active derived from PomegranateRead more
Adaptonyl ELSilabRich in glucosides from an adaptogenic plant called ashwagandha or . Adaptonyl boosts cell development in extreme conditions and reinforces the protection systems of the skin. It increases cell renewal and restructures the barrier function. Adaptonyl can be incorporated in day care products helping the skin to adapt to environmental stresses.Read more
AffinessSilabDerived from coriander and sweet orange, Affiness activates lipolysis and reduces lipid transport and storage, resulting in a finer, remodelled silhouette and the reduction of orange peel skin.Read more
ALLANTOIN USPJeenA moisturising and soothing active ingredient.Read more
Amanduline BSPSilabA soothing active made up of polysaccharides and peptides from sweet almond. Amanduline BSP is particulary recommended for aftersun or aftershave creams or for any skin care product where anti-irritation properties are required.Read more
Amanduline HC BioSilabObtained from organic certified sweet almonds Amanduline HC Bio revitalises and coats hair fibres preserving the internal structure of hair and improving shine and volume.Read more
Antiglyskin ELSilabRich in phenolic acids and glycopeptides from sunflowers, Antiglyskin inhitbits the proteic glycation reaction and prevents glyco-oxidation. Antiglyskin, as an active agent against the aging of the skin, is recommended for all anti-aging skin care products.Read more
Apolluskin®SilabObtained from dandelions (Taraxacum officinale) and rich in fructans, APOLLUSKIN® protects the skin from the effects of environmental contamination. By limiting inflammation and protein oxidation induced by pollution, APOLLUSKIN® improves radiance and skin grain overcoming the negative effects of pollution, APOLLUSKIN® is recommended in all daily skin care.Read more
Aquaphyline ELSilabRich in oligosaccharides from wild pansies, Aquaphyline regulates the process of epidermal hydration. Aquaphyline stimulates the synthesis of aquaporines and increases the water binding capacity of the epidermis thanks to its effect on endogenous hyaluronic acid synthesis. Aquaphyline is recommended for an intense hydration program to fight against dryness.Read more
Astressyl GRDerived from white willow leaves, Astressyl stimulates and accelerates the induction of anti-stress proteins and thus protects the skin from premature ageing. Astressyl is recommended for all innovative anti-stress and anti-ageing care products for a younger and more toned skin.Read more
Avocado Butter SP-540Strahl & Pitsch IncDesigned to combine all the desirable and functional characteristics of Avocado Oil in a stable base of natural waxes.Read more
Basis 1 SP-810Strahl & Pitsch IncCosmetic grade waxes, esters, oils and fatty acids are combined in optimal proportions to produce a functional and stable wax stick base that is user friendly.Read more
Biju Ultra UFCBASF Colors & Effects GmbHHigh lustre, Bismuth Oxychloride in a powder form. Smooth silky skin feel and excellent adhesion. The exceptional compressibility and binding properties make this pigment a perfect ingredient for pressed powders.Read more
Bioprotectyl ELSilabRich in phenolic compounds obtained from apple skin, Bioprotectyl limits protein oxidation, protects cells from lipoperoxidation and prevents genetic mutations induced by DNA lesions. Bioprotectyl, being a strong natural antioxidant, preserves skin health and can therefore be recommended for all anti-aging care.Read more
Biosculptine S GRThanks to its purified flavonols from Prunella and Celosia plants, Biosculptine shows a double slenderising effect by both inhibiting the adipocyte differentiation and stimulating the lipolytic activities of adipocytes. Biosculptine is thus recommended for all body care products to improve tonicity and to improve the silhouette.Read more
Biotanning 2SilabAn active ingredient rich in sweet orange citroflavonoids, Biotanning accelerates skin pigmentation by stimulating the activity of tyrosinase and the synthesis of melanin. It improves the photoprotection of skin cells. Biotanning is thus recommended for all cosmetic products for improving pigmentation and any anti-age and photoprotective formulations to combat early skin aging.Read more
Bisabolol RACBASFBisabolol of synthetic origin. Anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. Ideal for sensitive skin care, baby care, sun/aftersun products, shaving and oral hygiene preparations. Studies have shown the prevention of UV induced erythema on human skin.Read more
Butylene GlycolRITASolvent/ HumectantRead more
Caffeine PowderBASFCaffeine Powder is a hydrophilic substance used in a wide range of cosmetic applications. It is reported to have antioxidant properties, to improve microcirculation and may help to reduce puffy eyes and dark rings around the eye. In hair care it is used to modulate hair growth and to help slow hair loss.Read more
Calmiskin GRSilabCalmiskin is a phenolic fraction of mint leaves that improves cutaneous comfort by reducing the inflammatory cascade and stimulating the synthesis of pleasure neuropeptides. Calmiskin is recommended for every skin care intended for sensitive and irritated skin to decrease tingling sensation, skin redness and cutaneous discomfort.Read more
Candelilla Wax Substitute DR-415Strahl & Pitsch IncA blend of natural and petroleum derived waxes that requires no CITES certificate to market finished products. This can be used as a direct 1:1, cost effective substitute in most cosmetic applications.Read more
Carnauba Wax NF SP-63PStrahl & Pitsch IncObtained from the leaves of the palm tree `Copernica Cerifera`, The color and quality of the wax are governed by the age of the leaves and care used in processing.Read more
Carnauba Wax SP-200Strahl & Pitsch IncObtained from the leaves of the palm tree `Copernica Cerifera`, The color and quality of the wax are governed by the age of the leaves and care used in processing.Read more
Carnauba Wax SP-63XFPStrahl & Pitsch IncObtained from the leaves of the palm tree `Copernica Cerifera`, The color and quality of the wax are governed by the age of the leaves and care used in processing. Extra Fine Powder FormRead more
Carnauba Wax Substitute SP-135Strahl & Pitsch IncA substitute for Carnauba wax.Read more
Carnauba Wax Substitute SP-263PStrahl & Pitsch IncA substitute for Carnauba wax.Read more
Catemol 220BPhoenix Chemicals Inc.Superior cationic conditioner and viscosity builder. Self-emulsifies in water at 80°C to form a cream. Dissolves in oils with warming and gels oil upon cooling. Forms heavy, creamy, stable water-in-oil emulsions.Read more