Pecogel S-1120/A

Supplier: Phoenix Chemicals Inc.

PECOGEL® S series Hydrogel Cosmetic Ingredients are nonionic aqueous solution interpolymers of unique silicone-containing copolymers of polyvinylpyrrolidone and hydrophilic polyurethane. Their INCI designation is "VP/Dimethiconylacrylate/Polycarbamyl Polyglycol Esters". Unlike all other PECOGEL® series, S series hydrogels exhibit low solution viscosities and non-pituitous flow behavior. In addition to the same excellent film properties exhibited by the H and PECOGEL® S series products appear water-insoluble in dry film form. Furthermore, PECOGEL® S-2120 contains more dimethiconylacrylate than does PECOGEL® S-1120.

CAS Number 135774-50-4, 125687-22-1,

EINECS Number N/A, N/A


  • Silicones and Derivatives


  • Colour Cosmetics
  • Sun Care

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