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Here’s where the magic happens! The Cornelius Creative Lab team is available to complement your new product development processes. Responsible for ideation, sampling and proof of concept work, the lab team delivers forward thinking solutions to add value to your work. With on site Health & Nutrition kitchen facilities, Care Products and Industrial laboratory equipment, Cornelius delivers added value to your innovation pipeline.

Feature Story

Cornelius launches new Creative Centre

Cornelius launches new Creative Centre

Cornelius Group has demonstrated our commitment to forward-thinking innovation with the launch of a new creative centre at our Bishop’s Stortford headquarters.The state-of-the-art space features a contemporary suite available to host workshops, seminars and meetings complementing the company’s additional investment in a care products laboratory and a health and nutrition kitchen at...

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Meet the Team

Ella Ceraulo - Innovation Chemist

Ella Ceraulo

Innovation Chemist
Since joining Cornelius in 1998 Ella has continued her studies in Chemistry at the University of Hertfordshire & completed Dip Cosmetic Science at the London College of Fashion. She has worked heavily in Care Products but also been involved in projects for Industrial and Health & Nutrition applications. Ella has extensive experience in the development of cosmetic formulations (skincare, toiletries, colour cosmetics, haircare, styling & hair dyes) and has also trained with the PRA while working in the Cornelius industrial sector, on coatings applications and nano-dispersions. Ella has hands on experience in using many different types of raw materials including surfactants, polymers, effect pigments, dyes, emollients, defoamers, actives and oils.

Jennifer Hermitage - Market and Application Chemist

Jennifer Hermitage

Market and Application Chemist
Jennifer has been making cosmetics and toiletries at Cornelius for the last 13 years. She joined the company in 2001 and in 2004 gained her Cosmetic Science diploma. She enjoys working with the varied portfolio of raw materials Cornelius offers to create new products in the lab - both blue sky concepts and formulation matches. She is the resident pearl matching expert!

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