Watson Inc. Introduces Edible Glitter™ Nature Colors

Watson Inc. Introduces Edible Glitter™ Nature Colors

(Posted on 08/06/16)

Watson Inc. introduces a line of Edible Glitter™ products to meet the growing demand for clean labeling for what is considered “natural” colours.

Edible Glitter™ Nature Colors is made from gum arabic (the sap of the Acacia tree) and colour. Watson uses colours from a wide range of sources, including cabbage juice, algae, carrots, radish, turmeric, and annatto.

Edible Glitter™ is used as a sprinkle, topping, or inclusion. Edible Glitter™ can be used in confectionery products, baked goods, icing or anywhere you want to add eye-catching colour. Edible Glitter™Nature Color has the added benefit of being unflavored or flavor-neutral and containing no sugar, artificial sweeteners, fats, or hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Edible Glitter™ is a unique, lightweight flake that provides excellent coverage as a topping, allowing a 95% reduction in usage by weight(compared to typical sprinkles or “shots”). The lightweight flakes adhere readily to a variety of surfaces. In iced baked goods, the amount of frosting required for adhesion of the topping can also be reduced substantially.

More information on our Edible Glitter™ Natural product line can be found here.

For more information, please contact Gareth Clark on 07701 397 640 or gareth.clark@cornelius.co.uk