Ulzzang Style - The next Asian influence in our make up bags

Ulzzang Style - The next Asian influence in our make up bags

(Posted on 04/11/15)

Korea, well recognised in Europe for its exports of electronics, mobile phones & Psy’s Gangnam style. Now the beauty industry are sitting up and taking notice, as Korea is a hot spot for cosmetic innovation. We have already seen a Korean influence on our shelves in the form of BB creams. These clever multifunctional products can now be found in every make up bag. What will Korea offer us next?

Ulzzang, is a popular South Korean term literally meaning "best face" or "good-looking". Originally used as a slang term, this word in the English lexicon has evolved into describing a person that follows specific style of fashion. Driven by a desire to look like their favourite K-Pop idol, Korean youth are fuelling this Ulzzang trend which is often lived out on social media in ‘Selfie’ shots. Ulzzang is a wearable youthful look, not to be confused with Japans Gyaru look which is much more extreme and anime like.

The following is an overview of the key attributes of the look with some product recommendations...

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Article courtesy of Cosmetics Business