The Magnificent 7 Raw Materials for Formulating

The Magnificent 7 Raw Materials for Formulating

(Posted on 20/03/17)

Over the past 20 years since its introduction, the Cornelius Innovations Laboratory has worked on a number of formulations that have been ahead of time.

Although it takes innovative thinking to bring these ideas from concept to finished product, it is equally important to use the right raw materials in the first place, as without them, the formulations may never have been as successful!

Below you will find our Magnificent 7 raw materials for formulating ahead of the curve trend busters.

Pecogel S1120A
This PVP derived film former contains just the right level of silicone to give a really strong, flexible, water-resistant film. Ideal for water resistant sunscreens and make up products, Pecogel S1120A has consistently performed across a range of formulations.

Pecosil SH25L
A Dimethicone/ Methicone copolymer with a difference! On addition to formulations containing pigments, in the the presence of water, this silicone has the capability to bind to the pigments surface forming a strong covalently bonded silicone coating. Ideal for sun care and colour applications where water resistance is paramount. Enhanced SPF is indicated for inorganic UV filters and smooth uniform application of temporary hair colours can be shown.

Detoxyl from Shea is one of Silab's leading detox actives. Having the power to chelate a range of metal ions and other pollutants; Detoxyl's ability to chelate chlorine make it a novel active for after swim/ detox shampoos.

Pationic ISL
Multi-functional is a term that could have been invented for the Pationic ISL. This Acyl Lactylate has a wide range of functional benefits: Moisturising (at 3% in wash off formulations); Foam boosting/ enhancing in bar soap and other surfactant based wash products as well a skin feel benefits makes Pationic ISL the ideal "tip-in". Coupled with its ability to reduce the irritability potential of SLES, this active also binds to exposed protein allowing for "Intelligent conditioning" claims.

This range of patented water soluble, high melting point waxes has turned emulsion formulating on its head! Complete oil/fat phases have been reacted with a range of different polymeric external phase thickeners to give a light powder which, on addition to cold water, becomes an instant cream/ lotion. Individual waxes have also been treated this way to give a comprehensive range of "just add water" products.

Cetiol Ultimate
This exceptionally light emollient has excellent "green" credentials and is the lightest, driest "oil" we've ever come across. Added to heavy, sticky, but marketing friendly vegetable oils, it will produce a light clean skin feel. When the push to add more and more exotic plant oils is resulting in unacceptable skin feel, Cetiol Ultimate has both the "green" provenance and functional attributes to enhance textural and sensorial performance.

Puester C24                                                                                
This ester has a melting point of 28'C meaning that it melts between ambient and skin temperature. It has allowed us to create formulations which literally melt on the skin to a light, dry talc like emolliency. Added to humble mineral oil it gives an amazing "pseudo-silicone" feel.

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