Synthomer Polymer Dispersions for Flooring and Ceramic Tile Adhesives

Synthomer Polymer Dispersions for Flooring and Ceramic Tile Adhesives

(Posted on 23/12/15)

Flooring Adhesives

Water based flooring adhesives are mainly used for fixing elastic floor coverings (e. g. carpet, PVC, linoleum, rubber) to non-flexible floors (e. g. mineral underlayment or chip board). Compounds based on soft polymers are typically used here. Out of the Synthomer product range these are Plextol D 335 (acrylic), Plextol E 303 (acrylic with ACN) or Lipaton SB 2540 (HS-SBR). This basic range is complemented by several other binders to deliver required properties.

Another field of flooring adhesives are so called fixations, based on pressure sensitive adhesives such as Plextol XA 899 (very soft acrylic). These fixations are applied if the floor covering has to be removed after a short time.

Ceramic Tile Adhesives

For application on the floor mostly cementitious adhesives are used primarily. These are mixtures of sand / fillers / cement / cellulose / additives and powder dispersions (RDP). To make such adhesives more flexible, liquid polymer dispersions can be added such as Lipaton SB 5843 (SBR) or Revacryl R 387 or AE 2091 (both acrylic).

For wall tiles, cementitious products as well as ready-to-use adhesives based on liquid dispersions are employed. These products are formulated using soft elastic dispersions, and typical dispersions for this application are Revacryl AE 4522, Revacryl AE 3020 and others. Ready-to-use tile adhesives are formulated to conform with different standards:

  • non-water resistance adhesives (D1)
  • water resistance adhesives(D2)

In the case of D1 adhesives, standard dispersions like Revacryl AE 4625 (styrene acrylic) or Emulex VV 673 (vinyl acetate) can be used. For D2 adhesives,  the dispersions need to include adhesion promoters which are polymerized inside the polymer. Here Revacryl AE 4522, AE 3020, R 385 (styrene acrylics) and others can be used.

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