Surfex 2016: Principal Focus Part 2

Surfex 2016: Principal Focus Part 2

(Posted on 21/04/16)

As part of the Cornelius coatings offering, we will be representing several key industry principals, presenting innovative products and solutions for customers’ coatings and inks related requirements.


Tronox is a vertically integrated, global producer of TiO2 pigment with a range of grades available.

Tronox uses a proprietary chloride process for 100 percent of pigment production, producing pigment grades with a brighter appearance that is often preferred by manufacturers of coatings, plastics, paper and printing ink, amongst others.

Radiant Color

Radiant Color is a leading manufacturer of fluorescent pigments and dyes, and has recently launched two ranges of formaldehyde-free fluorescent pigments, both spanning a full range of colours.

RADGLO® GRT: the excellent brightness and resistance to solvents means the RADGLO® GRT series is ideal for use in a variety of solvent borne applications (inks, paints, and many others). In particular, it works well in PVC.
RADGLO® GWT: offering good water resistance, lightfastness and heat stability, the RADGLO® GWT range is broadly compatible with a wide range of waterborne systems including inks, paints, textile coatings and more.

Cornelius Own Brand

Cornelius is proud to present its first own-brand fluorochemical additives for textile coatings, CornelRepel 550 and CornelRepel 560.

CornelRepel 550

Key Features:

  • Imparts excellent hydrostatic head pressure performance
  • Recommended for nearly all types of fabrics to impart excellent water and oil repellency
  • Compatible with most other textile additives

CornelRepel 560

Key Features:

  • Imparts excellent water and oil repellency to all types of fabrics made from natural and synthetic fibres
  • Imparts excellent durability through extended home laundering and soft hand
  • Does not include cationic emulsifiers
  • Is nonflammable

Find us at stand C36, where we look forward to seeing you at the show!

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