Surfex 2016: Principal Focus Part 1

Surfex 2016: Principal Focus Part 1

(Posted on 11/04/16)

As part of the Cornelius coatings offering, we will be representing several key industry principals, presenting innovative products and solutions for customers’ coatings and inks related requirements.


Elementis is pleased to showcase their BENTONE®, DAPRO®, NUOSPERSE®RHEOLATE® and THIXATROL® additives for coatings. Featured for Surfex:

RHEOLATE® HX series - highly efficient nonionic associative thickeners for excellent high shear viscosity with additional mid-shear viscosity contribution:

  • RHEOLATE® HX 6008: for use with acrylic and styrene acrylic binders
  • RHEOLATE® HX 6050: for use with styrene acrylic, VA/VeoVa or vinyl acetate ethylene binders

THIXATROL® AS8053, PM8054, PM8056 - diamide-based organic thixotropes for adhesives, sealants and coatings, featuring low activation temperatures.


Synthomer is a polymer dispersions specialist for more environmentally-friendly coatings.

A full range of high performance acrylic, styrene acrylic, vinyl acetate and SBR based binders for architectural and industrials coatings matches the requirements of end use markets, including solutions for wall paints and coatings, roofing applications and a broad portfolio of specialised low odour binders for interior applications, fulfilling eco label standards.


Huntsman Pigments & Additives is a leading supplier of inorganic pigments, pigment dispersions and functional additives for the coatings industry.

The company manufactures and processes liquid, powder and granulated forms of iron oxide color pigments as well as natural and synthetic metal oxide pigments. In total Huntsman offers more than 1000 different color shades for use in a number of applications within the coatings sectors. Huntsman also offers a comprehensive range of metal carboxylate driers and antiskinning agents, including alternatives to cobalt and MEKO.

Stay tuned for our next instalment, where we profile some of the other key suppliers being represented at Surfex.

Find us at stand C36, where we look forward to seeing you at the show!

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