Strontium Neodecanoate Driers - A Clean Label Zirconium Alternative

Strontium Neodecanoate Driers - A Clean Label Zirconium Alternative

(Posted on 03/09/15)

Strontium Neodecanoate is a cost effective through drier that can be used to replace Zirconium Octoate and Zirconium Neodecanoate in a wide range of formulations.


The octoate acid (2-Ethyl hexanoic acid/2-EH) that is used to produce many metal carboxylate driers has been assessed as part of the ECHA CoRAP process and, as a result, products based on octoate acid may adopt a repro-toxicity iB assessment meaning labelling of paints if used at >0.3%.

The driers most likely to be affected are Zirconium and Strontium Octoates. Cornelius is pleased to offer from Huntsman alternatives to both, based on Neodecanoate (Neo) acid which avoids potential labelling problems.  

Strontium Neo 

Strontium Neo is an ideal through drier and can be used to replace Zirconium on a 1:1 basis. Strontium has the same through drying performance of Zirconium but also offers benefits in delivering auxiliary drying characteristics, resulting in improved stored stability and reduced “loss of dry” - especially beneficial in systems that are heavily pigmented or contain a high level of additives. 

Strontium Neo is also a cost efficient drier compared to Zirconium because the Strontium raw material is European sourced, generally cheaper and more stable in pricing compared to Zirconium. Zirconium 18 Neo is also available as a replacement for standard Zirconium Octoate grades, however it is predicted that a switch to a Strontium-based product would be more cost effective and deliver the same or an improved performance. 

More information on both the legislative position and Strontium Neodecanoate can be found here.

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