Something in the air: anti pollution second skin active from Silab France & Cornelius UK

Something in the air: anti pollution second skin active from Silab France & Cornelius UK

(Posted on 12/04/17)

Protecting the skin from pollution has become an essential element to any skincare regime and is reflected in increasing demands from consumers for products specifically developed to address its effects, according to Cornelius, an independent European distributor of high quality and innovative ingredients for the personal care industry. 

“It is not just the sun that consumers are looking to protect against, they are becoming increasingly aware of the damage other aspects of their lifestyle can have on their skin”, comments Rachael Atwell, Business Development Manager at Cornelius.

“Many of us live in polluted environments and in some areas, pollution has reached such a high level that it directly affects our skin. One of the major challenges in the personal care sector is to develop new ingredients and adapt formulation concepts to help protect the skin from pollution consequences.”

Pollutants attack skin, generating free radicals and inflammation. Smoke and particulate matter pollution have been found to be damaging to skin directly, the long-term effects of which are wrinkles, premature ageing and dull skin tone.

The opportunity is for cleansing, protecting and repairing products for urbanised lifestyles, washing away environmental pollutant particles from the skin and protecting the skin.

Cosmetic actives manufacturing company, SILAB, has created FILMEXEL™, which creates a natural, protective and lifting film. Through patented IBPN (Interpenetrating Biopolymer network) Technology®, it provides outstanding biomechanical properties and superior film forming capabilities.

The multi-functional active, exclusively supplied by Cornelius in the UK, acts as a “second skin” layer to protect against harmful pollutants, allergens and irritants. It forms a resistant, flexible and non-occlusive film mimicking the properties and functions of skin. 

FILMEXEL™ is a natural biopolymer created by combining extracts from red algae and a South American shrub providing the excellence of natural protection. The active comes in a 100% pure preservative-free powder format that can be added to a variety of skincare formulations including creams, emulsified gel, tissue masks, serum, liquid and powder foundations.

With its “second skin” and anti-ageing benefits, FILMEXEL™ is recommended for all face, body care and make-up products. The film smooths the skin and visibly reduces wrinkles and with continued usage, complexion radiance is also restored. When incorporated into foundation, FILMEXEL™ creates a lifting sensation, along with the added benefit of making foundation last significantly longer. 

SILAB promotes FILMEXEL™ to the worldwide personal care market as part of a wide range of natural skincare actives for all applications including advanced moisturising, anti-ageing, anti-pollution, pore refining, firming, slimming, soothing and tensor properties.

SILAB combines science with nature and has a reputation based on excellence.

Cornelius works with a number of dedicated partners to deliver high quality, fully traceable raw materials and ingredients for the personal care products sector and its innovative solutions are developed through collaboration with supply partners and the Cornelius Care UK Team.