Shea Butter now in stock

Shea Butter now in stock

(Posted on 03/02/17)

Cornelius is now holding stock of Shea Butter Refined.

Using a sustainable supply chain which relies on transparent, long term relationships with women's co-operatives our stock of Shea Butter comes from Olvea's Green Burkina Faso plant, 

Olvea is an ethical producer of conventional, organic and Fair Trade vegetables oils. They are a member of the Global Shea Alliance, which is driven by the will to conduct its activity with a commitment to sustainable development and the minimalisation of the  ecological impact of its production.

This is clearly demonstrated by OLVEA Burkina Faso’s CSR Policy, as well as its UEBT membership (Union for Ethical BioTrade), since 2013. In  2015, OLVEA Burkina Faso became a responsible operator with the“Mastery” level of responsible performance according to the ESR (Fairness, Solidarity and Responsibility) standard of  Ecocert.