PVPs for Hair Styling Available Now from Cornelius!

PVPs for Hair Styling Available Now from Cornelius!

(Posted on 26/08/16)

Looking for PVPs for hair styling? Cornelius has good availability!

Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) is the polymer of choice for versatile formulation of hair styling products. Cornelius has a wide range of PVPs and VP/VA copolymers from BASF with good availability and competitive pricing.

Luviskol®: say goodbye to long lead times!

Non-ionic polymers used for hair gels, wet look gels, hair mousses, pump sprays, salt sprays, pomades and liquid hair setting preparations.

  • Luviskol® K 30 Powder: provides normal to strong hold. Also in a solution and now available in a 'super' form which provides significant colour and viscosity improvement over the standard grades!
  • Luviskol® K 90 Powder & Luviskol® K 90 Solution

VP/VA Copolymers

Compatible with carbomers, and particularly suitable for alcohol-free formulations, forming a clear solution in water. Supplied in either solution or powder.

  • Luviskol® VA 73
  • Luviskol® VA 64
  • Luviskol® VA 37

For more information, please contact Siobhan Walker on 01279 714 300 or siobhan.walker@cornelius.co.uk