Polymer Dispersions and Additives for Improving Bituminous Systems

Polymer Dispersions and Additives for Improving Bituminous Systems

(Posted on 26/01/16)

Cornelius Group Plc is pleased to offer polymer dispersions from Synthomer and additives from Elementis to improve the performance of bituminous emulsions. 

Polymer Dispersions 

Lipren (chlorinated rubber) and Lipaton (styrene butadiene rubber) dispersions from Synthomer Plc are ideal for use in bituminous systems to improve properties such as elasticity and stability

For example, Lipaton XA5062 is a cationic polymer dispersion so can be used in cationic bitumen emulsions to improve resistance to hot and cold temperatures. For anionic bitumen emulsions, Lipren B can be used because it is also anionic, offering:

  • outstanding flexibility and tensile strength
  • remarkable water resistance
  • excellent aging resistance/durability
  • outstanding low-temperature flexibility
  • high flow resistance at high temperatures

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Elementis Specialties offers Bentone and Rheolate rheology modifiers for improving the properties of aqueous bituminous systems. In particular, they confer:

  • improved workability
  • improved sag properties
  • improved pumpability

Bentone OC and Bentone GS are useful in pasty systems, whereas Rheolate 255 is the thickener of choice in pourable systems. Also available and useful in solventborne bitumen systems are Bentone 34 and Bentone SD-1.

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