Nielsen-Massey Vanillas – The Pure Vanilla Specialists

(Posted on 20/11/17)

Nielsen-Massey has been crafting the world's finest vanillas and flavours since 1907.

By using a proprietary cold extraction process, instead of heat extraction, to gently distil the vanilla’s essential oils, Nielsen-Massey preserves more than 300 distinctive flavour compounds present in their beans.

The range includes Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla as well as Tahitian, Mexican and Indonesian varieties.  Each region’s vanilla has a distinct flavour, from creamy to floral, and each product, from extract to pastes, has its specific flavour profiles and ideal uses.

Join us on Stand 332 to discuss how the Nielsen-Massey vanilla extract and flavourings range can add an intense depth of flavour to all your product solutions.

Food Matters Live runs from 21st to 23rd November 2017 at the ExCeL, London. To register, click here