New Supplier Announcement: New Holland Extraction

New Supplier Announcement: New Holland Extraction

(Posted on 24/08/16)

Cornelius is pleased to announce our new distribution partnership with New Holland Extraction, a UK manufacturer of de-fatted wheat germ.

New Holland Extraction manufacture Bettergerm™ (a de-fatted wheatgerm), offered in plain or textured varieties.

It is used in various applications including bread, cakes, cereal, cereal bars, meat applications (fillers and expanders), extruded products (pasta and noodles) and sports nutrition. Bettergerm™ is high in fibre, nutrients and vitamins and is from a natural source.

Bettergerm™ Plain

A fine powder with great versatility, suitable for bakery, cereal production, nut replacement, dietary supplements and pre-mixes.

Bettergerm™ Textured

A flaked grain ideal for added texture as well as flavour, in bakery, cereal production, snacks, ready meals, health supplements and pre-mixes.

Key Benefits

  • Enhances the flavour and texture of existing products 
  • High fibre and protein content
  • Improves shelf life 
  • Almost zero fat and calorie content 
  • Improves mouth feel 
  • Clean labelling (can be labelled as wheat)

For more information, please contact Gareth Clark on 07701 397 640 or