MitoActive and BerryShield by Asiros to be distributed by Cornelius in the UK

MitoActive and BerryShield by Asiros to be distributed by Cornelius in the UK

(Posted on 29/04/16)

Danish biotech company Asiros and Cornelius have agreed to work together for the sales and marketing of MitoActive and BerryShield products in the UK.
These new high end berry-products from Denmark come with a strong clinical documentation and products profiling to guarantee the superior value compared to standard berry-products.

MitoActive is a result of several years of clinical trials and university research. MitoActive is a special concentrate of scientifically selected species of red and blackcurrant containing sufficient levels of Ribetril A. This new polyphenol-alkaloid was discovered and is now extracted by Asiros. The product is patented and has been available in the Danish retail for several months with very good sales and consumer appreciation.  

BerryShield is a range of berry-powders with the total berry-profile. Thanks to the patented processing technology BerryShield powders have the same nutritional profile as the standard berries. The process is solvent-free giving a natural free-from berry powders in minimum 1:10 ratio. These maltodextrin-free powders have superior stability in a range of applications. Currently tart cherry, blackcurrant, redcurrant, elderberry and strawberry are available in the range that from next harvest will be expanded with new berry-powders.

We at Asiros have worked with these products for several years,” says Dr Morten Weidner the CEO for Asiros. “We wanted to find a partner that is able to communicate the uniqueness of the products and has the required technical understanding. Cornelius has also the contacts needed for both the supplement and food ingredients customers.

According to Per Rehne, European Health & Nutrition Director at Cornelius, Asiros is a good match: “We are looking forward to work with the high-end products from Asiros. MitoActive and BerryShield are a perfect fit to our nutritional product range and will support our strong expansion in this area. Cornelius is the main supplier of value added products in the food and supplement industries in the UK and we are delighted to be able to offer these products to our customers.

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