Leneta Charts Stock Clearance

Leneta Charts Stock Clearance

(Posted on 11/01/16)

Special Offer: Stock Clearance!

Cornelius is able to offer special, reduced prices on selected Leneta products in January. 

Don't miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of a saving!

The following charts are in stock and available - Please contact us for a quotation:

Laminated Wood Test Panels

  • Leneta Chart Form R5D - 1,500 Charts

Opacity Charts

Penetration Charts

  • Leneta Chart Form HK - 1,250 Charts

Penopac Chart

Printing Ink Drawdown Charts

Scrub Test Panels

Spray Monitor Charts

  • Leneta Chart Form M12-BG - 2,000 Charts

Spreading Rate Charts

Unsealed Test Charts

  • Leneta Chart Form NWK (Plain White) - 500 Charts

For more information on Leneta’s range of test charts, contact Joe Hazell on 01279 714 300 or joe.hazell@cornelius.co.uk