Laura's Health & Nutrition Trend Report - July 2017

Laura's Health & Nutrition Trend Report - July 2017

(Posted on 24/07/17)

Hello, and welcome Laura’s trends.

An insight into some of the current trends in the food industry.

It is finally summer! Celebrate with a healthy yet indulgent ice cream. KoupeTM high protein and fibre ice creams contain whey protein isolate and polydextrose to boost the nutrition. If you are looking for a more luxurious way to get your summer ice cream fix, swap your drinks for alcohol-flavoured ice creams such as Jude’s Gin and Tonic Dairy Ice Cream or ice lollies like the world’s first prosecco ice popsicle by POPS. They do contain alcohol so are only suitable for over 18s.

Vanilla continues to be a favourite flavour; over the past five years, it has been one of the top three flavours of ice cream products launched (Source, Innova Market Insights). Vanilla is also a fantastic pairing taste. Recent launches stated by FoodIngredientsFirst include a vanilla and almond bar by KIND® snacks as well as McVities® vanilla cheesecake creams. Due to the recent devastation from Cyclone Enawo on vanilla crops we have seen price increases in vanilla. Several articles for the consumer market are suggesting products like vanilla ice cream will soon be seeing this hit. As an option, some manufacturers may turn to flavours instead of extracts.

Cornelius can help: Natural bourbon vanilla flavour from Nielsen-Massey® can be used as an alternative or in conjunction with natural bourbon vanilla extract.

Sustainability is essential, so there is food for future generations. Many companies ensure sustainability is at the forefront of their business starting with providing farmers with best practice ideas, minimising waste through the supply chain and getting the best out of the environment. The amount of environment sustainability claims rose by 25% between 2015 and 2016 (Source, Innova Market Insights). In the manufacturing plant, companies are finding other uses for their waste e.g. burning for fuel or turning it into a valuable product.

Some supermarkets and manufacturers have signed up to the government approved strategy (Courtauld 2025) to reduce food and drink waste by 20%. Innovative ways of cutting waste include using edible packaging. One such example is Skipping Rocks Lab’s aim to change how we drink water by replacing plastic bottles with a biodegradable and edible plant and seaweed coating. Lactips have also created a biodegradable, edible packaging, in the form of the milk protein, casein.

Cornelius can help: Watson Inc have created Sol-u-PackTM; a dissolvable edible film pouch designed as a waste free and convenient way of making on-the-go sports drinks, dissolving in only 20 seconds.

Arla® Chief Executive Peder Tuborgh has announced there will be a butter and cream shortage by Christmas this year, due to the lack of milk produced. This will start with a steep rise in the price of butter which has already increased by 14% over the past month. Manufacturers will be looking for ways to replace butter in their products, saving money. At the same time, food companies have the potential to increase the nutrition of their products through fat reduction.

Cornelius can help: Just a small quantity of Ceamfibre® can be used to replace up to 25% butter, reducing cost and increasing fibre content too.

Technology is part of our lives in so many ways, from having apps on our phones to get taxis, a button that orders any grocery product instantly from Amazon and video calling a doctor if you cannot get to surgery. In their ‘Future of Tea Report’ Tetley® highlight the popular tracking devices which they say will link with machines such as the Totali-Tea. Using data from the tracker, it will produce customised tea drinks with added caffeine or vitamin B6 to get you ready for the day ahead.

Asiros’ MitoActiveTM can help give an energy boost to your daily life. The drink is made from redcurrants and blackcurrants as they have the highest concentration and diversity of bioactive compounds including RibetrilTM A. This polyphenol alkaloid increases muscle mitochondrial biogenesis. Moreover, when the mitochondria are under maximal stress, it aids ATP production, providing more energy.

Cornelius can help: Asiros’ MitoActiveTM drink, with added magnesium, increases energy for daily activities and sports performance.

The population is set to reach 8.5 billion by 2030. We are living longer and therefore need more support in our later years. Norway leads by example, pioneering the innovation of foods launched specifically for the elderly, particularly with the promotion of milk and yoghurt products. Manufacturers in other countries should consider the needs of this sector of the population and tailor products accordingly. This can be achieved through providing certain nutritional benefits delivered in a food vehicle which is appetising for the consumer.

Cornelius can help: Watson Inc can provide Custom Nutritional Premixes which, alongside vitamins and minerals, can be formulated to include other functional ingredients e.g. fibres and proteins.


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