Jennifer's Cosmetics Trend Report: May 2016

Jennifer's Cosmetics Trend Report: May 2016

(Posted on 25/04/16)

Hello and welcome to this month's edition of Trends!

To kick off this month Trends, we have our comprehensive In-Cosmetics roundup here!

And now the rest of Jen's trends...


Lynx has launched a new range of of premium grooming products with three high-end fragrances: Signature, a mixture of Oud wood and dark vanilla create a subtle, woody scent; Urban, a smoky, sweet and bold fragrance with rich notes of tobacco and amber; and Adrenaline, icy fresh to kick-start the day, it's invigoarting scent has notes of iced musk and ginger.

Each of the scents is available in three product variations: unique daily fragrances, hairstylers and anti-perspirants. The hair stylers are available in a number of textures including defining waxes, cream gels and matt gels.

Cornelius can help: Our portfolio contains a large collection of styling polymers from BASF and a selection of high-grade waxes from Strahl & Pitsch. These can be combined in to create a limitless selection of styling products for today's sophisticated consumer.


L'Oreal  Elvive's new Extraordinary Clay collection is based on the ancient usage of clays in in beauty rituals. The enduring popularity of clay can be attributed to its ability to cleanse, purify and energise.This collection aims to reduce excessive oil production at the roots whilst combating any dehydration throughout the lengths and ends and is infused with three refined clays: Kaolinite/white clay is light and smooth and has superior oil-absorbing properties; Montmorillonite/blue clay is ultra smooth and has a water-absorbing texture; and Argilane/green clay is comprised of microscopic spheres which give it a soft slippery quality which feels amazing on application. It is also a very effective cleanser.

The star of the range is Pre-Shampoo Clay Masque, a “spa-like” treatment which is massaged into your roots before shampooing, absorbs excess oils and impurities.

Also new from L'Oreal is Magic Retouch Instant Root Concealer Spray which has been created to camoflage root re-growth and grey hairs. The light-weight formulation is said to be smudge-proof and lasts until hair is next washed.

Bath & Body

Limited edition Bliss Cassis & Sandalwood Body Butter provides maximum moisture combined with a rich and warm scent. Sodium hyaluronate locks moisture into the skin, vitamin E soothes and protects, whilst coconut oil softens and moisturises. Also new from Bliss is transformative cream-to-water Fabulous Drench 'n' Quench moisturiser. It nourishes and hydrates with a  light-weight formula that uses "hydrozome" technology, drenching the skin with what feels like droplets of water that massages in like a cream.

Cornelius can help: We can supply sodium hyaluronate, vitamin E and coconut oil. We have created a transitional cream-to-oil product which is particalrly suitable for products that are best massaged into the skin - ours is a cellulite cream called Skinny Butt!


Patting Waters, or as they are also known, Splash Masks, are a huge trend in South Korea and gaining a following in the west. They are said to provide all the benefits of a face mask in just 15 seconds! Blithe is a popular brand with bloggers - they have three variants: Yellow Citrus & Honey, Rejuvenating Purple Berry and Soothing Green Tea. Splash masks brighten and plump out the skin and are simply used by adding half a capful to water and splashing onto the face for 15 seconds. Commonly used ingredients are lactic acid, fruit extracts, panthenol, glycerin and essential oils.

Cornelius can help: We are currently developing a waters range which will include a Splash Mask. Be sure to ask your Cornelius rep next time they visit.


Bourjois have recently released City Radiance Foundation, an exciting formulation which bridges the gap between make-up and skincare. Gabrielle Stérin from Grazia France says of the product: "I’m always on the lookout for great bases and I love Bourjois’s City Radiance Foundation. Bridging the gap between make-up and skincare, it delivers fresh, luminous coverage as well as a skin-protecting, anti-pollution screen and SPF30. It’s a must for women in the city."

It creates a fresh and luminous complexion with radiance-boosting pigments and contains SPF 30 UV screen to protect skin from UVA & UVB, all year round. More interestingly it contains an "anti-pollution screen" that prevents the adherence of carbon particles and lets skin breathe. It provides 24 hour hydration for all day comfort: 91% of testers say skin looks more even and 88% say their complexion looks less dull and more luminous.

Cornelius can help: At Cornelius we are always on the look at for the emergence of new Trends and Dan Whitby has saying that anti-pollution is big news for some months now. To easily tick this big trend box, use FILMEXEL® by Silab in your formulations.

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