Jennifer's Cosmetics Trend Report: August 2016

Jennifer's Cosmetics Trend Report: August 2016

(Posted on 27/07/16)

Hello and welcome to this month's edition of Trends!

Charcoal is having its moment as a trend, both in the beauty and food arenas.

Clinique has two new products available based on natural bamboo charcoal to control excess oil and mop up pollutants. City Block Purifying Charcoal Cleansing Gel also contains glycerin to lock in moisture and energising caffeine. It comes out of the tube black but turns translucent grey upon application and leaves skin fresh, clean and balanced. City Block Purifying Charcoal Clay Mask + Scrub can be used in conjunction with the gel, providing deep cleansing for city grime and pollution. Additionally it contains mattifying kaolin, silica beads, sucrose and acetyl glucosamine for exfoliation and anti-inflammatory gentiana lutea root extract. These also tie in nicely with the anti-pollution trend which is huge right now.

Meanwhile, coconut ash ice cream has created a bit of a stir on Instagram. Made using the charred remains of coconut shell (an activated charcoal which is said to help detoxify the body) mixed with coconut flakes, milk and cream, it is said to be delicious, but beware: Instagramers are warning of black teeth!

The Ecodenta Black Whitening Toothpaste contains charcoal, capitalising on the current trend in DIY online beauty tutorials that use charcoal paste for tooth whitening. It also contains Teavigo which protects against tartar and provides a gentle antibacterial effect. The dual effect toothpaste works by removing existing stains and preventing future ones.

KailiJumei Lip Jelly with an encapsulated flower has created a storm on Instagram. There are four different colour variants of this heat reactive formulation and each gives a different colour depending on if you are warm or cool at the time of application.

Cornelius can help: Phoenix Chemicals have created some clear jelly lipsticks which can be adapted in a variety of ways. Clear, pink and glittery versions are available but a cute flower could be encapsulated if the manufacturer had the right facilities.

NYX Pro Foundation Mixer shades have been created to allow you to custom blend your own foundation. The six different shades available are: 

  • White (to lighten)
  • Deep (dark brown to darken with a cool undertone)
  • Warmth (burnt orange to add warmth)
  • Olive (deep beige to darken with a warm undertone)
  • Opalescent finish adjuster (sheer white shimmer for cool brightening)
  • Luminous finish adjuster (champagne undertone for warm brightening)

Perfect for the summer months when you need to adjust foundation to allow for a tan, or the winter months for a foundation bought when you had a tan.

Cornelius can help: We supply the BASF Timica Terra range of pearl pigments which are ideal for foundations as they have a silk effect which looks very natural on the skin. This taps into the rise of the customising beauty trend which is talked about in this article "Tracking the Rise of Customizable Beauty" which was retweeted by Cornelius' Daniel Whitby this week.

Coconut Oil Formula Curl Condition Hair Pudding from Palmers taps into the trend for pudding textures - previously this texture has been seen in Korean skincare products - and the coconut oil trend. It is said to add moisture and shine, transforming dull, frizzy hair into perfectly smooth, elongated and defined curls. The creamy, whipped emulsion contains pure coconut oil and keratin to provide superior shine and maximise curl length, preventing shrinkage for longer lasting styles. It is formulated for naturally curly, wavy or frizz-prone hair.

Cornelius can help: As well as being able to supply coconut oil we have recently created a bounce cream as part of our new Waters kit. The technology used could be translated into a conditioner base.

A new, high quality, affordable suncream called Altruist is now available in the UK for use this summer. Developed by Andrew Birnie, a consultant dermatologist, and a group of top skin cancer doctors, it  provides 5 star, SPF 30 protection and disappears into the skin within approximately a minute of application. This quick absorption time means that you can get dressed and apply make-up over it almost straight away. The user-friendly properties and low price tag were key factors in the health professionals creating this cream; they wanted it to be as attractive to consumers as possible. Skin cancer is significantly on the rise but still most people admit to neglecting to apply sunscreen. Hopefully this user friendly option will be well publicised.

For more details on this product, check out this article from Really Ree.

Last week's Telegraph Health supplement featured an article on "The new summer skin rules" which started by saying that for the first time in the UK, more than 10,000 people over 55 were diagnosed with melanoma last year. That's a rise of 155% in 20 years. In younger people the rate has risen by 63%. The article goes on to talk about infrared-A (IR-A) light which makes up around 50% of the sun's rays and "appear to induce free-radical formation and penetrate the skin, causing damage that can potentially lead to skin ageing. Traditional suncreams do not generally have IR-A protection." Lloyds Pharmacy has launched Solero Triple Defence which protect against IR-A as well as UVA/B, as does the M&S Ultrasun range.

In the past 12 months data has shown that blue light, or high-energy visible light (HEVL) could be behind the pigmentation type damage seen in dark skin. HEVL SPF 50 Face Créme is one suncream on the market to protect against this type of light.

Cornelius can help: We supply a wide portfolio of sunscreens, including an easy to use version, a water soluble version and one especially designed for everyday skincare. We also have experience in formulating with all these products and are available to give technical advice.

Last month the Alternative Fragrance & Beauty expo was held in Paris. This brand new trade show is dedicated to niche, creative fragrance and new beauty brands from around the world. Over 130 exhibitors showcased a full selection of cosmetics products - make-up, hair, skincare, bath/body and men’s grooming. Theresa Yee, Senior Beauty Editor of WG-SN Insider, attended the show and wrote about her top five brands in this article.

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