Inspiring Textures from Cornelius & BASF

Inspiring Textures from Cornelius & BASF

(Posted on 22/06/16)

Texture and sensory properties play a vital role in consumers’ choice of personal care products.

This is not only the immediate texture or how the product looks in the pot, but also the sensory properties - the way it feels on the skin. 

In answer to this market trend, BASF has unveiled the Inspiring Textures concept. Based on BASF’s broad portfolio of ingredients and expertise in differentiated formulation design, they have created a range of six new formulations that offer inspiring textures and appealing skin sensations.

One innovative example, Delight Me, is a delicate butter with an intense powdery skin sensation. Its melting effect transforms the powdery butter into a dry oil and leaves a dry-oily, rich after-feel. It is ideally suited for overnight hand and face creams as well as for dry skin areas on the body. This formulation is free from water, preservatives or silicone.

The range also features a fresh cooling gel, bounce back cream, souffle, gel cream to oil, and a SWOP™ technology gel butter.

The Care team at Cornelius have been busy testing out these formulations and we all agree that they are to be experienced to be believed!

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