Innovative Cornelius care kit protects skin from harsh winter weather

Innovative Cornelius care kit protects skin from harsh winter weather

(Posted on 08/03/18)

Cornelius, a leading European manufacturer and distributor of specialty ingredients for the personal care sector, has created a new Winter defence kit to protect skin during the cold, dry weather.

“The change in season can often strip away the lipids in skin that are responsible for keeping moisture locked in and defending against bacteria. This disruption to the protective barrier often results in dryness with red, flaky patches and chapped lips,” says Jennifer Hermitage, Application Chemist, Cornelius and creator of the kit.

“Along with colder temperatures, winter brings changes to humidity and cold winds that can wreak havoc on our skin. To keep these effects at bay, we all have our skin care rituals. Some consumers prefer to use a single product and others rely on a combination of products but the team at Cornelius has created an innovative Protect and Purify kit which includes five products to keep skin happy and healthy during the cold winter months.”

The Cornelius winter defence kit contains a spray clay mask, exfoliator, serum, clay detox cloud and a daily shield moisturiser.

Spray Clay Mask

This is an innovative semi-solid clay mask formulation containing Green clay to deeply cleanse the complexion. Thanks to the unusual rheology, the product can be sprayed straight onto the skin. The product, which is ideal to detox the face and body, includes two key ingredients: Calmiskinâ, containing mint leaves that reduce inflammation and skin redness and Vivapurâ CS TEX Sun, a powder that has thickening and suspension properties which create the unusual rheologies.

Ultra-Gentle Pore Cleanser

Designed for sensitive or stressed skin, this mild exfoliator gently removes dead skin cells. The cleanser includes Sebocytineâ derived from wild rose berries, which mattifies the skin by slowing the rate of sebum secretion and reducing pore size. Another ingredient is Dermpur HPâ, which recalibrates the skin’s ecosystem to reduce bacterial growth and sebaceous secretion, limiting spots.

Clock-Gene Pressed Serum

Pressed serum is a new skin care product category, derived from Korean skin care trends, which is particularly suited to over-congested skin. This Cornelius solution is created with a blend of waxes and oils and has a light feel when applied. Circagenylâ, the vital ingredient, works overnight to restore the expression of the Clock gene, stimulating dermal metabolism to restore radiance and smooth microrelief.

Clay Detox Cloud

It is not just the skin that needs protecting from the harsh winter weather. Products for improving scalp health are gaining in popularity with consumers wanting to treat the scalp separately from the hair. Detox Cloud contains peppermint and coconut oils with microbial action that reduces irritation while adding shine, alongside Green Clay, sourced from Auvergne in France, delivering cell regenerating, anti-ageing and healing properties.

Daily Shield

Daily Shield is a superior UV moisturiser that has second skin protection against pollutants, provided by FILMEXEL™. The moisturiser includes a blend of UV filters that combine maximum SPF protection, Argan oil to smooth and hydrate and Aquaphyline with its moisturising and anti-wrinkle qualities. In addition, Gemtone Radiant Nude pearl pigments provide instant radiance and luminosity to boost dark and dull skin.

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