High performance aluminium tri-hydrate: ATH flame retardant

High performance aluminium tri-hydrate: ATH flame retardant

(Posted on 23/03/16)

We are pleased to announce Cornelius as the official UK distributor for Alpha Calcit GMBH and their unique range of Aluminium Tri-Hydrate Flame Retardant.

Alpha Calcit have quickly established themselves as a major player in the mainland European market with their standard and specialised grades of ATH which Cornelius are proud to bring to you in the UK.

With the ever constant move away from halogenated flame retardants, not only can Alpha Calcit cost effectively meet the performance of precipitated grades, they have developed unique products that offer a control of particle size and surface area that cannot be matched by any other manufacturing process.

The material is suitable for use in a wide variety of industries and applications, with specialist grades developed for particular markets.

Our standard range is detailed below:

                         D50                     BET (M2/g)

Alfrimal 449      23.0                            1
Alfrimal 448      12.0                            2
Alfrimal 446      11.0                            4
Alfrimal 443        8.0                            5
Alfrimal 106        1.8                            7
Alfrimal 104        3.6                          10

With manufacturing in Germany, lean production and large quantities of material in stock, Cornelius and Alpha Calcit are well placed to service the demands of the UK market.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with us or have a general interest in this material, contact Bradley Matthews on 07834 769 895 or bradley.matthews@cornelius.co.uk