Ferroxide™ 78 - Industry Standard Black Iron Oxide

Ferroxide™ 78 - Industry Standard Black Iron Oxide

(Posted on 23/08/16)

Cornelius offers a wide range of iron oxide pigments from Huntsman Pigments & Additives, including yellows, reds, browns and blacks.

In particular, we offer the Ferroxide™ range of high performance iron oxides which are manufactured in Italy and can be used as alternatives to Bayferrox grades.

A featured grade is Ferroxide™ 78 which is recommended as an alternative to Bayferrox® 318M, and can be used in coatings, plastics and other applications. Other similar grades, for customers looking for a slightly different shade of black, include Ferroxide™ 81C and BK5525

Please get in touch to ask about your requirements.

For more information, contact Joe Hazell on 01279 714 300 or joe.hazell@cornelius.co.uk