Erythritol has now been approved for use in beverages

Erythritol has now been approved for use in beverages

(Posted on 29/10/15)

Erythritol has finally been approved for use in beverages, alongside its current use in food and other edible applications.

The European Commission has published the approval of Erythritol for usage in beverages. The contents of the regulation comes into force on the 20th day after publication (Monday 2nd November 2015).
This comes as breaking news to NPD and industry alike as this provides additional inventory for the battle on sugar reduction's ongoing trend.

Now is the best time to begin trials with Jungbunzlauer's Erylite and Erylite Stevia within your beverage formulations based on its ​benefits:

  • Good sensory properties
  • Not metabolised, therefore no calories
  • High threshold for laxative effects
  • Non-cariogenic (EFSA accepted)
  • No glycaemic effect (EFSA accepted)
  • Synergistic taste enhancement and taste improvement in combination with intense sweeteners at low use levels

Please be advised that the following current restrictions are in force for its use:

  • Product ​in which Erythritol is to be used: flavoured and energy drinks
  • Maximum level of use: 1.6 % (w/w)
  • Declaration/labelling: flavour enhancer

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