Creapure® - A source of pure Creatine

Creapure® - A source of pure Creatine

(Posted on 13/10/16)

Cornelius supplier AlzChem launches new Creapure® website

AlzChem, manufacturer of creatine monohydrate, has revamped its sister website,, to give a comprehensive and user-friendly overview of the benefits of creatine and the of the Creapure® brand.

Visit the website here

About Creapure®

AlzChem's creatine monohydrate is marketed under the Creapure® brand name to major producers of sport nutrition supplements around the world. The manufacturers that put the Creapure® logo on their packaging are showing that their product contains a premium-quality ingredient of trusted origin from Germany.

Cornelius is the exclusive UK distributor of Creapure®

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