Cosmos approved products and formulations from BASF

Cosmos approved products and formulations from BASF

(Posted on 29/06/16)

COSMOS (COSMetic Organic Standard) is the European standard for natural and organic cosmetics.

COSMOS is a Europe-wide private standard developed by five charter members:

  • BDIH (Germany) 
  • Cosmebio (France)
  • Ecocert, Greenlife SAS (France)
  • ICEA (Italy)
  • Soil Association (UK)

Under this approval system, Cornelius can help by providing you with a host of BASF ingredients approved by COSMOS.

BASF has gained approval for over 100 materials from Ecocert or BDIH which can be used in natural or organic cosmetics. This provides formulators with an easy selection of raw materials and allows high probability and less time spent to achieve approval for finished cosmetic products.

We can also provide you with a wide range of formulations for both natural and organic cosmetic products from body wash to hair care and facial skin care to body butters.

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