Cornelius: Your Trends Team At SCS Formulate 2018

Cornelius: Your Trends Team At SCS Formulate 2018

(Posted on 08/10/18)

Cornelius, a leading European distributor of specialty ingredients for the personal care sector, will be your ‘trends team’ at the forthcoming SCS Formulate show, 13-14 November 2018.

In touch with the latest colour, texture, and visual care product trends, the team, in partnership with Cornelius principals, will reflect the rising trends in the industry including J-Beauty and several other emerging trends as well as offering advice on how to formulate products for the growing animal care market. Conscious consumption is also high on the agenda.

Conscious Consumption

Cornelius has put a tremendous focus on conscious consumption in recent months, implementing initiatives to ensure ingredients are both ethically and sustainably sourced. The team will be on hand to discuss the revolutionary range of Ronald Britton Bio-glitter®, a biodegradable glitter that rivals its plastic counterpart. It is produced from sustainable sources such as eucalyptus trees and is certified compostable. Ronald Britton is the only biodegradable glitter manufacturer in the world with global accreditation allowing formulators to tap into the ongoing glitter trend without compromising on sustainability.


Asian beauty products have seen a popularity boom over the past five years and it is time for manufacturers to take note as these leading-edge products infiltrate the market. Japanese beauty products take a minimalistic approach, focussing on simplicity and ease to enhance natural beauty. The J-Beauty trend is likely to lead to a boost in the use of flexible skincare ingredients that deliver wide-ranging benefits, such as glycolic acid to reduce the signs of aging, exfoliate and treat acne. Cornelius has developed a new exciting skincare kit inspired by the best of the J-Beauty trend, which will be unveiled at the show.

Animal Care

Cornelius know that pet owners want to pamper their furry friends as well, providing a wide range of mild ingredients for animal care and grooming. Cornelius’ paws are on the pulse of the latest animal care trends and specialise in the design and development of products for equine, dog, cat and small animal applications. Trevor Barker, Technical Business Development Manager at Cornelius, will deliver a presentation about the rise of the animal care trend and how manufacturers can create next-generation formulations.

Held annually, SCS Formulate is one of the UK’s largest event of its kind and showcases a range of formulation services, ingredients and raw materials for personal care and cosmetic products. It will be held at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry on the 13 – 14 November 2018. Cornelius will be at stand 421.

For more information on Cornelius and its principals please contact the Cornelius UK Care team on 01279 714300 or visit