Cornelius to launch new Nordic business

Cornelius to launch new Nordic business

(Posted on 22/03/16)

Cornelius Group is to launch a new business arm in the Nordic region.

Cornelius Nordic ApS will have its headquarters in Silkeborg, Denmark and its founding will enable the company to extend its reach into Scandinavia, including Finland and Iceland, by enhancing existing customer relationships and developing new partnerships with suppliers.

Per Rehne, Cornelius group director for health and nutrition Europe, said: “The Cornelius health and nutrition business has grown steadily throughout Europe during the past decade.

An increase in customers and partners in the Nordic region means it makes good business sense to be based where they are and ensures we maintain a competitive edge. We like to engage our customers as much as possible when it comes to developing and securing supplies of new products so being close to them geographically will help us do this more effectively.

For the health and nutrition sector, Cornelius supplies specialist ingredients, including colours, enzymes, fats and oils, flavours, proteins and fibres to food manufacturers in the bakery, beverage, confectionery, dairy, convenience, sports nutrition and supplements markets.

In recent months we have commercialised a range of innovative new products for the sector including CorFibre, Milne dried fruit and insoluble glitters from Watson.

Cornelius also supplies and manufactures products for the care, beauty, household and industrial sectors.

Our care products portfolio includes silicones, emulsifiers, conditioning agents, shine enhancers, fragrances and emollients for the hair, skin, sun, wash and oral care markets, as well as animal and household applications.

The industrial team at Cornelius works with a range of manufacturers to deliver market-leading products such as additives, adhesive films, pigments, resins, waxes and oils to sectors including agrochemicals, chemical manufacturing, construction and textiles.

Per added: “The new Nordic business will have the main focus on serving our customers in the health and nutrition sector but given time and opportunity, other sectors might be part of the future.”    

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