Cornelius takes Probiotics mainstream

Cornelius takes Probiotics mainstream

(Posted on 03/05/18)

Cornelius, an independent European manufacturer and distributor of high quality raw materials and ingredients, is leading the charge in taking probiotics mainstream. 

At the forefront of distributing distinctive probiotic goods, the company is equipping the food and beverage industry with the nutraceutical advances needed to entice health-focussed consumers. Working with Kerry Group (Kerry), the taste and nutrition specialists, Cornelius is widening access to breakthrough formats from cereals to frozen foods.

Joy Thomas, Cornelius Business Manager, said “With growing public concern about wellbeing, gut health promotion is becoming a major focus in food product development. The probiotic market is therefore booming and must be supported with revolutionary formats. Our relationship with Kerry is meeting this need and setting the bar for nutraceutical innovation and convenience.

“Options for consuming probiotics have traditionally been limited to capsule and powder supplements or dairy goods. However, with recent manufacturing and scientific progress, the industry is now able to offer broader formats via fortified foods. 

“Instead of reaching for the medicine cabinet, the public can now look after their gut wellness by cooking a tasty pasta dish or snacking on confectionary treats.”

Spearheading these mainstreaming efforts is GanedenBC30, a probiotic from Kerry and distributed by Cornelius. Cost-effective and stable during processing, it readdresses the gut’s microbial balance to help deliver digestive health, immune benefits and protein utilization support. 

Unlike many competitors, it can be squeezed, baked, frozen and boiled to create delicious foods with excellent texture and mouth taste – transforming approaches to immunity and general health management.  

Headquartered in Tralee, Ireland, Kerry is an international food corporation developing ingredients and nutritional and nutraceutical solutions. With technologies dedicated to authentic taste, nutrition, wellness and functionality, the company offers product value and differentiation for a wide range of retail and foodservice clients.