Cornelius & Silab present ECOBIOTYS®

Cornelius & Silab present ECOBIOTYS®

(Posted on 30/05/18)

Cornelius Group, a leading European distributor and manufacturer of specialty ingredients for the care products sector, is delivering Silab’s revolutionary new concept ECOBIOTYS® to the UK personal care market.

Silab, a company specialising in natural active ingredients, has developed and created the leading-edge concept designed to re-balance and enhance mature skin by moderating the skin's microbiota. ECOBIOTYS® has been bio-inspired by the regulating capacity of floral nectar biots, Nectarobiota®, isolated by Silab from the porcelain flower, Hoya carnosa.

This leading-edge active regulates the equilibrium of the microbiota of mature skin by restoring the microbiotic profile of young skin. Thanks to its rebalancing and protective actions on the cutaneous microbiota, ECOBIOTYS® improves skin quality and restores a radiant complexion.   

Rachael Atwell, Business Development Manager at Cornelius, said: “This ground-breaking approach towards moderating skin microbiota is unprecedented in the cosmetic industry.

“Silab launched ECOBIOTYS® at in-cosmetics Global 2018 exhibition and was recognised with Bronze in the Best Ingredient Award. The prize distinguishes new active ingredients that combine significant innovation with substantial benefits for the consumer, so it’s fantastic for ECOBIOTYS® to be recognised in this prestigious and competitive category.”

After 28 days of treatment, ECOBIOTYS® formulated at 2.5% in an emulsion significantly increases the measurable parameters of complexion radiance. Furthermore, participants in trials reported that twice-daily use of ECOBIOTYS® significantly improved luminosity and hydration and reduced the appearance of imperfections including wrinkles.

This cutting-edge active ingredient is able to restore the functional performance of the skin’s immune and mechanical barriers and regulate the ecology of mature skin, acting on the distribution of bacterial communities. The quality of the skin barrier is thereby improved, enhancing the complexion. This rebalancing and protective active is can be used in all care products for mature skin.

Cornelius works with a number of dedicated partners to deliver high quality, fully traceable raw materials and ingredients for the personal care products sector and its innovative solutions are developed through collaboration with supply partners and the Cornelius Care UK Team.

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