Cornelius & Silab France respond to male baldness concerns

Cornelius & Silab France respond to male baldness concerns

(Posted on 16/05/17)

Cornelius, an independent European distributor of high quality and innovative ingredients, is to represent Silab to deliver a new and innovative concept that addresses male baldness, to the UK personal care industry.

French cosmetic active company, Silab, which specialises in natural active ingredients, has launched HAIRGENYL®, an ingredient to boost hair regrowth that 'acts at the heart of hair follicle biology'.

Rachael Atwell, Business Development Manager at Cornelius, said: “Balding is a key concern for some men across all age groups. It can be argued that there isn’t a cure for hair loss, with no simple fix, but HAIRGENYL® is a technologically advanced solution that is proven to promote the regrowth of the hair.

Silab claims HAIRGENYL®, a preservative-free powder, acts on androgenetic alopecia, which results in the deregulation of the hair growth cycle and mainly affects men. The new active, rich in biopeptides from the yeast Pichia minuta, supports the biological activity of the dermal papilla and stimulates the growth of the hair follicle.

According to Euromonitor, one in five male consumers in the 45-49 age group reported hair loss concerns but among all generations balding is a concern for 10-20 per cent of male consumers.

Mrs Atwell added: “Hair care innovations are becoming more successful in better targeting specific hair concerns. Hair loss treatments are increasingly being demanded as consumers seek products with the functional claim of improving hair growth. This product has shown to improve efficacy on cells and tissue which helps to re-normalise hair development.”

Tested over eight months on a group of male volunteers, HAIRGENYL® increased hair density and limited hair loss; the hair became thicker, more resistant and the scalp was more densely covered.

Mrs Atwell continued: “Cornelius is delighted to bring this product to the UK market and our partnership with Silab will strengthen relationships with new and existing customers."

Cornelius works with a number of dedicated partners to deliver high quality, fully traceable raw materials and ingredients for the personal care products sector and its innovative solutions are developed through collaboration with supply partners and the Cornelius Care UK Team.