Cornelius Present Their Face Mask Formulations

Cornelius Present Their Face Mask Formulations

(Posted on 10/10/18)

Cornelius Care laboratories have recently formulated several on-trend mask formulations, using materials from the extensive Cornelius portfolio.

Peel-off masks have a strong visual effect and are a favourite among bloggers and Instagrammers. Our two visually impressive versions come in 24K Gold and Charcoal Glitter finishes. The first utilises Timica Radiant Gold® (BASF) to create the rich metallic golden finish which is currently so sought after. The striking Charcoal variant is based on activated charcoal made from Sri Lankan coconut shell and Bioglitter® (Ronald Britton) which is 92% biodegradable for the eco-conscious consumer.

Bubbling masks have gained a following via the trend for Korean skincare. Our formulation is based on self-foaming Phoenomulse CE-1® (Phoenix Chemicals INC), a volatile cosmetic fluid in an emulsifiable base. Massage the product onto damp skin and watch the foam appear! The base product can be adapted to add actives of your choice - we have two versions available:
• Activated Charcoal, derived from Sri Lankan coconut shell, suitable for sensitive skin and with purifying properties.
• Detoxifying Green Clay, sourced from the rich volcanic earth of Saint-Paulien, has regenerating and healing properties.

Pink Clay is a hot raw material and the trend for it is still growing. Our Pink Clay Mask utilises four key materials for a powerful pore refining effect: pink clay combines Montmorillonite and Illite and has a detoxifying, brightening effect on the skin; pure mineral White Clay has strong absorbing properties; Celldetox® (Silab) utilises cell autophagy to reinforce the cell detoxification process; Sebonormine® (Silab), derived from Meadowsweet, reduces sebum secretions and inhibits microbial growth. Cosmedia Triple C® (BASF) produces the mask's rich, spongy texture that spreads easily and is comfortable on the skin until dry.
As part of the huge current trend for Personalisation, we have also produced the clay-based Personalised Face Mask. The pre-mixed powder base is mixed fresh for each application by the user. With each use, the consumer can determine the finished texture by altering the powder to water ratios.  The blend is based on fashionable Ghassoul Clay, a natural mineral clay sourced from Morocco which softens the skin, reduces oiliness, tightens pores and helps the skin shed dead skin cells. A powder format gelling agent is also present, this swells with the addition of water, giving the mask body and cushion. For further skincare benefits Detoxyl® (Silab), rich in gallic acid and derived from shea butter, protects the skin from urban pollutants like nicotine, lead, chlorine and traffic fumes; and OLVEA® Silky Shea, a shea-based ester, imparts lightness and a velvety after-feel.

Finally, coming soon is Lavender & Chamomile Fresh Jelly Mask. An ultra-light formulation in line with the current trend for Jelly textures and the wider AVID trend that applies to teenage consumers.