Cornelius Predicts Rise In Personal Care & Food Fusion

Cornelius Predicts Rise In Personal Care & Food Fusion

(Posted on 24/09/18)

Cornelius, a leading European manufacturer and distributor of specialty ingredients for the personal care sector, predicts the market will be transformed by a new generation of formulations fusing food and personal care ingredients, as consumer belief in the power of natural produce continues to grow.

Demand for innovative formulations has risen significantly in recent years, driven by growing health awareness amongst consumers and an increasing focus on holistic living. Cornelius predicts a rise not only in the use of food ingredients in skin and haircare products, but also personal care brands developing natural supplements aimed at supporting consumers’ beauty regimes from within. 

Kelly Shenton, Personal Care Business Manager at Cornelius, said: “As brands look to create products that appeal to health and wellness-focussed consumers, personal care and food will become more closely linked than ever, making this an emerging and important trend which manufacturers must take note of now.”

Cornelius predicts a continued increase in the use of fruit ingredients in particular, with the use of fruit in new personal care launches having already more than doubled, increasing from 5% in 2013 to 10.7% in 2017.

Cornelius principal Silab has developed a number of ingredients for personal care applications that utilise the benefits of natural produce. Developed from pomegranate peel, ADANDRINE® is a natural anti-dandruff ingredient that harnesses this exotic fruit’s anti-inflammatory properties to help combat dandruff and create a healthy scalp.

The company has also developed ELASTONYL®, an anti-stretch mark active developed from the proteins found in pumpkins and their seeds. Particularly recommended for body care products ELASTONYL protects and repairs elastic and collagen fibres to promote smooth and even skin tone.    

For use in anti-aging products, Silab has developed BIOPROTECTYL®, a strong anti-oxidant derived from the skins of apples. Rich in phenolic compounds, BIOPROTECTYL limits protein oxidation and preserves skin health. 

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