Cornelius Named as Best Practice Performer for UK Companies

(Posted on 23/07/15)

Cornelius Group has been recognised as being outstanding and an exemplar to other industries after being involved in a cross-sector efficiency study to investigate best practices for improving operations performance.

The Oil & Gas Industry Council (OGIC) and professional services firm PwC compiled a report into how improved performance and practice can be applied to Oil and Gas operations in the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS).

The report authors approached Cornelius chairman, Neville Prior, for his advice and he outlined that in 2008 Cornelius focused on changes to their long term operating model, with the focus shifting from operational to superior customer service.  The key was ensuring that Cornelius was providing 98-100% on-time delivery and proactively managing the customers’stock levels. Mr. Prior also added that Cornelius recognises the strategic importance of technology to drive operations success.

Neville Prior commented: "By implementing these changes the company has achieved very high sales growth per year. Its focus on improving marketing and sales to drive revenue, and through improved customer service, has helped build relationships that lasted through the down-turn and generated benefit when the economy improved."

In short, the OGIC and PwC report found oil and gas firms must learn lessons from other UK industries such as Cornelius and fundamentally change the way they operate if they are to successfully compete for international investment and maximise recovery across the UKCS over the next 25 years.

The findings have been presented to the full board of the Oil & Gas Industry Council at Westminster and the full report has been discussed at the annual UK Oil and Gas conference in June. Further discussions are now underway on how best to take forward the recommendations.