Cornelius looks back at its successful formulations

Cornelius looks back at its successful formulations

(Posted on 30/03/17)

With over 80 years' experience, Cornelius, an independent European distributor of high quality, innovative ingredients has been offering distinct, creative and forward thinking formulations for the personal care industry.

Backed with the most up to date research in the beauty marketplace and a clear understanding of the consumer and their needs, Cornelius is at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions.

To illustrate past formulations, the Cornelius Personal Care Products team has put together a timeline showing the growth and development of its solutions over the past 20 years and has hand-picked five formulations to demonstrate how the company has always been ahead of the trend curve. 

2001 -  Skin Ink

This formulation made it possible to paint or stencil on temporary tattoos and was available in every conceivable colour and finish. Removal was simple with soap and water.

2002 -  Streakers

Shots of colour can be added into the hair for that added flash of vibrancy. Not for the faint hearted, the shots are permanent.

2009 -  Fluff It Powder Hair Styler 

Get the bed-head rock chick look with the formulation that gives roots a lift to create undone tousled styles. Originally packaged in a shaker pot, it was reformulated four years later into a spray pack for easier application. Today, there are many versions of this product which has been mainstream since 2010. 

2010 - Stevia Sweet Tea Lip Balm

A unique sweet taste which is a totally natural formulation, the Stevia sweet tea lip balm is made from the leaf of the plant species stevia rebaudiana. There are many flavoured balms available in the market but Cornelius was the first to use a natural food sweetener.

2014 -  Colour Pop Blush

Until Cornelius created this, the market had not seen a pre-dosed sponge blusher. The sheer bright liquid blush was also a very popular addition to a textures kit created by Cornelius in the same year.  Sponge soaked foundations are now mainstream, especially with Lancome's Miracle Cushion foundation winning an award in 2016.