Cornelius Launch New CorFibre™ Range

Cornelius Launch New CorFibre™ Range

(Posted on 21/12/15)

Cornelius, has launched CorFibre, a new range of healthy and natural own brand vegetable fibres.

The CorFibre range includes four different grades of raw vegetable-based fibre - wheat, oat, bamboo and cellulose - which can be used in a variety of food and drink applications.

Cornelius is addressing consumer demand for more natural ingredients in food, and for food manufacturers, the range reduces costs by increasing product water retention and replacing fat content, resulting in improved shelf life and reduced formulation costs.

CorFibres are also known to increase consumer satiety as fibre acts as a bulking agent and insoluble fibre retains its integrity during digestion, meaning consumers can feel fuller for longer after eating or drinking.

Cornelius director of health and nutrition, Per Rehné, said: “The fibres business is no stranger to Cornelius – we’ve been distributing a range of fibre and prebiotic solutions for a number of years but developing our own range is a new direction for us. We understand the needs of food manufacturers and consumers and have included all our knowledge of the market into developing the CorFibre range.

We are manufacturing the four different grades of product at our new plant in Belgium, which is a great location for the efficient import of raw materials, as well as the export of finished products to the rest of Europe. This enables us to guarantee great customer service and consistent product supply.

CorFibre was unveiled at Food Ingredients Europe in Paris, held early in December and visitors to the Cornelius booth received the new range positively.

The objective of attending FIE 2015 was to increase awareness of Cornelius to the European market and company representatives used the opportunity to engage with prospective customers from around the world, including the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Egypt, Mexico and the USA.

Cornelius fully understands the food industry supply chain, offering commercial and technical assistance, as well as application support, both in the laboratory and in the field to customers. Cornelius takes its quality and service standards seriously, by constantly striving for excellence. Its supply partners only use high quality raw materials that comply with European food regulations and sustain continuous supply, minimising disruption to customers’ production processes.

With Cornelius having full control, from production to delivery, customers can expect the new CorFibre range to offer the highest product quality in conjunction with excellent customer service and added value.

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