Cornelius: Future formulations

Cornelius: Future formulations

(Posted on 31/03/17)

Cornelius, an independent European distributor of high quality and innovative ingredients to the personal care industry is at the forefront of developing pioneering and market leading formulations.

“Some beauty formulators only look at what is happening in the market right now,” according to Trevor Barker, technical business development manager for Care Products, UK, at Cornelius. “We predict what is coming next. We influence the beauty industry dynamics, create successful products and stay one step ahead of competitors.”

Cornelius partners with world leaders in the development and production of cosmetics raw materials, producing innovative, new and exciting ingredients. Complementing its diverse range of cosmetics ingredients, Cornelius delivers innovative raw materials to be used in hair, skin, sun, wash and oral care formulations.

Mr Barker continued: “Understanding the personal care market and its consumers is essential. Backed with over 80 years of experience, our expert personal care team are aware of trends, anticipate innovation and interpret future consumer choices. The Care team uses that in-depth knowledge to put Cornelius at the forefront of creating future formulations.”

But what will the future hold? 2017 is set to be another interesting chapter in the Innovation Laboratory's history and Cornelius is looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that are coming. Focusing on a number of key areas, Cornelius predicts what is going to be big in the year ahead:


The emergence of multi-sensory experiences in the beauty market connects the product to the consumer in an increasingly engaging way. A connection between product and consumer encourages greater experimentation and builds an emotional bond to create deeper, more memorable experiences as consumers can get closer to their products through smell, touch and feel. 

Sensory benefits are important to consumers when buying beauty and personal care products. With unique experiences becoming an important purchase driver for consumers, more brands are leveraging multi-sensory experiences as a marketing tool.


The ever-increasing demands from consumers for 'free from', 'organic', 'natural' and 'ethical' formulations cause a number of challenges for formulators. Manufacturers must find efficient and innovative ingredients that come as close as possible to their sensorial profile and are just as high or even better performing. 

Silicone Free Elastomer

The number of products launched claiming to be 'silicone-free' has increased dramatically in the past three years. More consumers are aware of the impact that certain products can have on the environment and are looking for personal care ingredients that serve as silicone alternatives. 

Cornelius has created a silicone free elastomer and will be putting the product to the test during In-Cosmetics 2017. The company has prepared three emulsions – one containing a silicone elastomer, another containing a cost effective blend of plant derived materials and finally one with a premium blend of plant derived materials. Visitors to the Cornelius stand will be able to explore each emulsion and try to identify which one is silicone free.

For more information, please come by stand SS49 at In-Cosmetics 2017