Cornelius at SCS Formulate: Multi-tasking products for busy lives

Cornelius at SCS Formulate: Multi-tasking products for busy lives

(Posted on 22/10/15)

Having left our teenage years behind, we’re now ready for a more sophisticated look without sacrificing the fun side as we enter our twenties.

Now is also an excellent time to start really looking after your skin so that it always looks its best and with this in mind, Cornelius has produced a range of skin-enhancing products that go from day to night and fit in with busy lives. In addition, we have a solution to the ongoing textured hair trend and a skin brightening serum.

Injecting your usual wash with a little bit of magic is the “hero” product of the Trendy Twenties range, Magmafoliant, a twist on a centuries-old Asian beauty concept. Based on volcanic pumice, this mild exfoliating cleanser gently fizzes on contact with water, leaving the skin ​looking radiant and squeaky-clean!

All will be revealed at the show so be sure to stop by the Cornelius stand to find out more.

Meanwhile, the next installment in our trip through the ages will be Fab at Forty, a discerning demographic when it comes to high-quality ingredients.

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