Cornelius anticipates ‘GREEN’ coatings growth

Cornelius anticipates ‘GREEN’ coatings growth

(Posted on 03/07/18)

Cornelius, an independent European manufacturer and distributor of high performance chemicals for the industrial manufacturing sector, predicts the paints and coatings industry will be completely transformed by solutions that deliver a lower environmental impact.

Driven by increasingly stringent regulations and consumer demand, paint and coating formulators are developing products with improved environmental and health performance.

Tony Bruce, Business Development Manager at Cornelius, said: “The development of sustainable products has gained importance over the past few years and in reply manufacturers are focused on introducing eco-friendly products to the market. 

“As the growing consumer awareness towards environmental and health impact of the use of chemical substances, low volatile organic compound (VOC) coating applications and those produced with bio-based additives are becoming an important trend.”

Many of the materials traditionally used in paint and coating formulations such as resin, pigments and additives arguably pose environmental and human health risks. 

Mr. Bruce added: “Due to changes in the industry, paints and coatings formulators has been forced to deliver a wide range of materials with improved environmental and health properties. Today, the ability to offer low VOC coatings alongside sustainable solutions isn’t just important; it’s an absolute necessity.”

Developer and supplier of speciality polymers, Synthomer, is a key partner of Cornelius. Synthomer holds an extended range of low VOC binders for indoor paints that meet today’s demanding environmental standards without compromising on functionality. An example of this can be found in Plextolâ, Revacrylâand Emultex which are acrylic, styreneacrylic and vinyl co-polymer dispersions that are low VOC, low-odour, solvent free and APEO-free.

In addition, Cornelius works with Elementis, a leading global manufacturer of specialty additives for decorative and industrial coatings. Under the brand names of Rheolateâ, Nuosperseâand Daproâ, Elementis has developed a range of low VOC and MIT free products.

Bruce concluded: “Thanks to a continued focus on innovation, we work alongside our principals to help them expand and enhance their product portfolios to offer a broad range of newer environmentally friendly paints and coatings.”

Cornelius manufactures and distributes speciality chemicals and raw materials for a wide range of industrial markets, deliveringinnovative solutions to a wide range of industrial and manufacturing markets, including Paints & Coatings, Plastics & Rubber and Construction sectors.

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