Ceamfibre by CEAMSA for Bakery Applications

Ceamfibre by CEAMSA for Bakery Applications

(Posted on 17/10/16)

Ceamfibre: a natural fibre ingredient for healthy and high quality bakery products

Ceamfibre is a new citrus peel derived fibre which can be added to food items, not only due to its beneficial effects on food nutritional properties and consumer health, but also due to its functional properties.

In bakery products, Ceamfibre reduces the fat and cholesterol content of the products by increasing fibre content. Ceamfibre has the ability to bind water up to ten times its weight and oil up to four times its weight.

Key functionalities

  • Fat/egg reduction
  • Improved quality of chilled and frozen doughs
  • Improved integrity in fragile products
  • Improved texture in gluten free products and throughout shelf life
  • Improved nutritional content

Ceamfibre 7000 for fat replacement in muffins

  • 30-50% fat replacement with Ceamfibre 7000
  • Comparable sensory quality
  • Improved texture
  • 10-25% savings on total fat costs

Ceamfibre 7000F for fat replacement in cookies

  • 25% fat replacement with Ceamfibre 7000F
  • ​Comparable sensory quality
  • Form preservation
  • 10-25% savings on total fat costs

CeamFibre 90-472F for egg replacement in cake

  • 20-25% egg replacement with Ceamfibre 90-472F
  • Comparable sensory quality
  • Improved freshness of end product
  • 10-15% savings on total egg costs

For more information, please contact Gareth Clark on 07701 397 640 or gareth.clark@cornelius.co.uk