Botanica waters: The essential building block for your natural product!

Botanica waters: The essential building block for your natural product!

(Posted on 27/05/16)

Water is the main ingredient for many formulations and can be a fundamental element to determine the texture and quality of a product. Driven by the Asian trend of a caring power from pure water enriched formulas (essences, mist, patting waters etc), skincare brands are now moving towards “enhanced and enriched waters” instead of plain water.

Botanica offers waters which inspire a natural look and feel, as well as being an easy way to add quality to nature-inspired products.

Floral & Plant Waters

Botanica has developed an interesting range of water distillates which are obtained using a gentle distillation method, boosting formulas with botanical waters, e.g. coconut water distillate and green tea water distillate.

Swiss Waters

Switzerland, which is also known as the “water tower of Europe”, offers a large number of different types of mineral water that boast a diverse range of interesting properties. Thanks to their unique geological situation, the Swiss waters offered by Botanica all have different stories to tell, and their origins are as diverse as Switzerland itself. Collected fresh from source, they are offered ready to use for cosmetic purposes, or they can also be transformed into exclusive plant extracts, e.g. edelweiss extract in glacier water.

These ingredients are in the process of being showcased through our Cornelius Creative Centre's "Waters" formulations concept - coming soon!

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