Blanc Fixe available from Cornelius

Blanc Fixe available from Cornelius

(Posted on 05/11/15)

Blanc Fixe (precipitated barium sulphate) is a versatile functional filler for use in coatings and plastics/rubber. It gives a superior performance compared with natural barium sulphate (barytes). 

Stock is available in the UK and prices are competitive!

Various grades are available:

  • Blanco Fisso M1.5
  • Blanco Fisso M0.7
  • Blanco Fisso M0.7 Plus

Blanc Fixe offers the following benefits:


  • Durability 
  • Excellent gloss control 
  • Improved extrusion (powder coatings) 
  • Pigment extension 

Plastics & Rubber 

  • Better thermal stability
  • Improved extrusion 
  • Pigment extension
  • Suitable for transparent or colours polymers

For more information on Blanc Fixe, contact Joe Hazell on 01279 714 300 or