Article: Probiotics go beyond digestion

Article: Probiotics go beyond digestion

(Posted on 08/09/15)

Mike Bush, VP of Business Development at Ganeden Inc, explores the science behind probiotics in Nutraceutical Business Review

On Protein Utilisation

"In just 2 weeks, combining one billion colony forming units (CFUs) of GanedenBC30 with one 25g serving of protein per day, it increased the absorption of 23 essential amino acids. These consisted of leucine, which increased by 23%, isoleucine (20%), valine (7%), glutamine (116%), ornithine (100%), tryptophan (100%) and citrulline (128%)."

Additional Benefits to Bulk Up Other Protein Sources

"Previously considered to be inferior protein sources that are naturally lower in leucine, such as soy or rice, might specifically benefit from GanedenBC30, giving athletes with allergies against lactose or who are cautious about cholesterol a valuable alternative to whey protein."

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Article courtesy of Nutraceutical Business Review and HPCi Media Ltd