Product Focus: Pretiox UVS30

Product Focus: Pretiox UVS30

Pretiox UVS30 products by Precheza are designed to be highly efficient in the UV region whilst also offering low visible light scattering, avoiding a white appearance upon application. 

The Pretiox range’s rutile structure gives broad protection for UV radiation below 360 nanometers and when correctly dispersed it results in the achievement of SPF values over 40. Their surface treatment provides them with greater stability, negligible photoactivity and hydroxyl radical formation; therefore suspensions have excellent chemical stability without signs of yellowing or greying. 

Pretiox particles are designed to be rounded without sharp edges and therefore suspensions have lower viscosity even with increased concentration. The material is available either as a pure powder or as four different dispersions for ease of use.


  • Sun protection creams and lotions with high SPF            
  • Natural suncare products
  • Lipsticks and make-up with additional sun protection claims

For more information on our range of Pretiox sun care products, contact Siobhan Walker on +44 (0) 1279 714 300 or