Light Emollients from BASF

Light Emollients from BASF

Consumers are increasingly looking for mild products and natural ingredients from eco-friendly, sustainable, ethical, and socially responsible companies.

These factors are coupled with a need for an enhancement of well-being whilst providing different textures and sensory attributes in the finished product.

Cornelius can meet these needs with a broad range of renewable, biodegradable, COSMOS approved* light emollients from BASF. 

Cetiol® Ultimate - the volatile hydrocarbon from renewable sources

Cetiol® Sensoft - the happy emollient

Cetiol® C 5 - a sensory alternative to Cyclomethicone

Cetiol® OE - flexible wax-dry emollient for skin and hair

Cetiol® RLF - mild for sensitive skin and the environment

Cetiol® CC - the multifunctional dry emollient

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