Zeodent® Dental Silicas from Huber

Zeodent® Dental Silicas from Huber

Huber’s successful history with dental silicas has allowed its technical personnel to achieve a thorough understanding of how to control specific silica characteristics in order to produce customized products to meet a wide variety of specifications and functionality. The result is a broad and complete spectrum of products that are primarily used as cleaning agents and thickeners in toothpaste formulations while offering maximum fluoride compatibility.

Huber has perfected the science of particle-size control and rheology to ensure its Zeodent® dental silica cleaning and thickener grades can be formulated in a variety of dentifrice products including opaque, clear gels, striped, dual phase, high cleaning and specialty formulas.

Products include:

  • Zeodent® 103 – high cleaning silica
  • Zeodent® 113 – standard cleaning silica
  • Zeodent® 114 – low abrasivity, moderate viscosity builder
  • Zeodent® 115 – standard cleaning silica for use in high clarity products
  • Zeodent® 124 – medium cleaning silica
  • Zeodent® 163 – high viscosity thickener
  • Zeodent® 165 – ultra-high viscosity thickener
  • Zeodent® 167 – thickener which helps build viscosity at the greatest rate
  • Zeodent® 623 – toothpaste polishing agent
  • Zeodent® 9175 – dental silica for mouth-feel

For more information on Huber’s range of oral care products, contact Siobhan Walker on + 44 (0) 1279 714 300 or siobhan.walker@cornelius.co.uk