Cornelius Presents: The Animal Care Kit

Cornelius Presents: The Animal Care Kit

Created by our in-house lab, the Animal Care Kit contains fully cosmetically approved, regulated ingredients and samples approved by stable hands, groomers and working dog owners. The samples are pH balanced to suit dog, cat and equine skin and aim to provide innovative ideas to formulators, marketing and brand owners alike. The Kit contains the following:

Grass-Away Grass Stain Wash

Gets rid of grass stains, even from white fur and hair, utilising Alkaline Protease L, recommended for hydrolysing most proteins and very effective for grass stain removal.

Extra Mild Ear Wash

This ultra mild formulation gently removes a build up of dirt and grease from pets’ ears. It contains only 1% Plantacare 2000 but cleans as effectively as a cleanser with a much higher surfactant level.

Dry Shampoo for Dogs & Cats

A dry shampoo containing rice starch for bath dodging small pets! Improves the look and feel of fur while also leaving a pleasant scent.

Pesticide-Free Flea Spray

A pesticide-free flea spray which works gently on pets’ fur. Fleas are immobilised, then combed away with this gentle formula containing lemongrass and citronella.

Dog Mud Release Shampoo

A very effective shampoo for serious grime removal on even the dirtiest of dogs! Works up to three times faster than the average dog shampoo.

Paw & Elbow Butter

A rich and nourishing formula containing lanolin, coconut oil and argan oil to soften and prevent dryness and cracking in dogs’ paws.

Red Stain Coat Corrector

White dogs have a tendency towards red patches around their eyes, caused by the oxidisation of tears. This light cream contains Denoxylene OP, which reduces the effects oxidisation, thus improving the appearance of red stains.

Hoof Ointment

Containing lanolin wax, shea olein and avocado oil, this rich and nourishing formula prevents dryness and cracking in horses’ and ponies’ hooves.

Mane & Tail Conditioner

Emulsion spray formula giving intense conditioning to even the coarsest of horsehair. It increases the combability and shine of the coat and horses were noticeably easier to groom for days after the first use.

Saddle Soap

This saddle soap containing beeswax, carnauba wax and lanolin, effectively cleans leather whilst leaving it feeling soft with a lustrous sheen.

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